Pretty much every day now for 24 hours, this is what I do 

I got an apartment with my sister exactly one year ago. She told me we could afford the place if we both paid half of the rent. I totally fell for it. After we signed the lease, she used every bill she got from work on herself. Clothes. Gym Membership. 

She’s very selfish and verbally abusive so I can’t even talk about it without her screaming and turning it all around with “your’e so selfish and awful and I fucking hate you my friends think your’e an asshole and the family thinks you’re special!” 

For a Year, I’ve been paying most if not All the rent every month Plus Electricity and Utilities. In order to do this, I have to work almost 24/7 on commissions and donation sketches. I rarely leave my apartment now. I’ve even been in here for so long that my mental problems have worsened because of it. 

 A year ago, I was fighting and controlling my anxiety. I could be around crowds and talk to strangers. Now, I’m afraid to step outside of my apartment alone. My insomnia’s back and the stress is killing me physically. I cried in the shower a month ago because I pulled out a handful of hair. 

I can’t even buy anything for myself. I haven’t bought a new bra in over a year. 

ALL of my money goes to rent and because of it, I haven’t been able to save up ANything for when my lease ends. Which is, because of my sister who decided to put the notice in for Both of us without talking to me, In a little over 20 days. 

On April 20th, I have to move out and have No money and No idea what I’m going to do. I cant stay with family and I feel like a burden on my friends (though they’re AMAZING and SWEET for offering! I don’t even have relatives that treat me with so much kindness)

Because of that, a little while ago, I made a GoFundMe page as a Last resort called Roxy’s Big Move for $4000

I Know It’s a lot to ask for, but it will pay off my electricity bill and at least two/three months in a small apartment so I can FINALLY relax a little and work at a reasonable speed to pay for the rest of the year on my own. 

Maybe I can even afford to get psychiatric help

Please donate or share this!

Or Donate to my paypal here

Thank you for reading!

I also have a blog for the fundraiser where I try to do funny/pretty/sweet requests roxysbigmove

Thank you to everyone who’s reblogged and helped me so far! I’m up to $590! I’m doing requests on my tumblr tonight as a thank you and working until my move out date!


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