Eeveelution variations!


Throughout the years I’ve seen so many headcanons for the eeveelutions, many of which based the Eevees off of just one animal or a mix of them so I decided to play around with some designs to encompass most of these ideas.

The main idea being that: Because Eevee’s DNA is so wacky and it can evolve into so many diverse evolutions, its species can also vary from evolution to evolution, region to region, bloodline to bloodline.

Many being domestically bred for specific traits whether it be for battling, contests, companionship, or to be put to work, many others are found that way in wild populations where little human interaction has occurred.

All of the standard Eeveelutions shown are supposed to be more or less ambiguous, not based around just one animal but instead, designed to fit their official artwork as close as possible. Basically, standards are mutts as far as what species they are is concerned, hence people calling them catfoxrabbit things. As for the variations, all bets are off and many have been bred and narrowed down to one species.

The three-to-four variation examples I drew at the top of each picture are not exclusive to which species expresses it in the examples below. These variation types whether it be coat pattern, jewels, leaves, skin type, can appear in most any strain of each respective eeveelution.

Likewise, the species variations beside the standard eeveelution are not the only available species per that pokemon as the possibilities of other species and mixes are endless. It’s even possible for your eevee to change species upon evolution, much like the quilava line already does [shrew to weasel to badger].

It took me about three days to finish this and loads of references. In the end I’m quite happy with how it all came out and I hope you all enjoy. And if you want to draw character inspiration from this post please be my guest!!


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