There are few young artists I’ve encountered in the last 10 years who, upon meeting has instantly inspired me. Like, seriously. Whenever I see Toronto resident/ born and raised Accra, Ghana, West African creative wunderkind, Gyimah Gariba’s work, I am reminded that in some small way, the future of art/animation will be okay for us, lol.

I discovered Gyimah’s amazing work online some 3-4 years ago, sharing his work amongst my peers. He was 19 at the time I believe.  I miraculously got to meet him the following year in person on Season 1 of Black Dynamite:The Animated Series. He, along with a couple of other animation expats were there for an internship at Titmouse animation studio helping out on the show. He was 20 years old then, and, imo was just too good for his age. I thought of him an “old soul” in animation: a reincarnation of some art master in a past life, possessing him to spread his skill in this era. In this life, haha. At only 23 years old, he’s just unreal. His work speaks to me in so many ways: it’s vibrant, expressive, genuine and full of love, much like him. I’ve bragged about knowing him often, I’m doing it again. I believe he will be one of the true, new voices in the global animation community. Keep an eye on him, I sure will continue to. ^^

Artist of the Month Spotlight:

The Hundreds interview:

Every time I see dude’s art I just wanna quit.

^^^ for real 😩 this is breathtaking

😩😩😩😩 oh my god 💕


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