If you’re reblogging it because you respect it, cool. If not, here’s why you should:

Britney Spears was a child star who was rocketed into extreme celebrity at a young age. It isn’t all to shocking to hear that she didn’t have a ton of time to learn math, because if you were like fifteen and all your time was spent in photo shoots and on press tours you probably wouldn’t find a ton of time for homework, either.

She’s been to hell and back through the media, and now she’s just trying to be a good mother. I absolutely respect the fact that she’s becoming more educated to help her sons, because that’s a devoted parent. There are parents out there who don’t care at all and would let their kid struggle alone, and it’s heartwarming to hear about parents who try their best not to let that happen.

Leave her be.

Fuck, I have trouble with algebra too


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