Blue ringed octopus

FYI: Blue Ringed Octopi bites do not necessarily cause death. They cause paralysis with a potent neurotoxin.

If you are with someone who has been bitten, they will stop breathing; their heart will stop; they will seem dead. They are NOT dead. They are paralysed! 

This is St John Ambulance First Aid procedure;
1. Start CPR right away and call an ambulance pronto.
2. Close their eyelids and cover their eyes with some cloth; they’re unable to blink, so there’s a danger their eyes will dry out and, if out in the sun, that their retinas will burn and they’ll become blind.
3. Keep going with CPR. Just keep going! 30 compressions, two breaths, to the rhymth of Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive. Taking turns with several people is the best way to not tire out. The patient is still alive in there, terrified and massively grateful that you’re doing their breathing for them. DO NOT STOP until paramedics arrive to take over.

These little suckers can be found basically everywhere. Everyone should know this information!


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