I’m sorry, did we even watch the same show? I mean


obviously she exists only to be sexualized, that’s why she passes the Bechdel test within 30 seconds of being introduced. she definitely doesn’t do anything important


like teach valuable lessons to middle-aged men


or, you know, other women


her work definitely isn’t respected by professionals in her field either


yeah she’s just there for fanservice


she’s the only character who gets a bathing scene


and takes off their shirt


yeah she’s all about fanservice

That’s all her character amounts to. Anything she does or says is canceled out by the fact that she’s comfortable in a tube top or miniskirt. Because we all know that what a woman wears is the most important part of who she is, and she can only earn respect by covering more skin.


I love how OP singles out Winry, and completely ignores Envy:


Envy shows way more skin on the regular than Winry does, and while I can’t find a good mangacap of it right now, the first time we see Envy’s regular form in the manga, Envy says, “I’d prefer to look young and cute.” (The subs I have for Brotherhood have Envy say that it’s better to look young and cute, which is more or less the same, but with a slight difference.) Envy uses that form purely because it looks good, so if we’re going to rag on any character for being “scantily clad” for appearance’s sake, Envy would be the obvious target.

But hm, OP ignored Envy and instead chose to pick on Winry. I wonder why? Could it possibly be because Envy is coded as male? Because the truth of the matter is that Envy is agender, but subtitles often use male pronouns for Envy, Envy uses masculine pronouns (I’m pretty sure, anyway; I’d have to double check), and Envy, despite wearing a tube top, doesn’t seem to have obvious cleavage. Plus, the biggest kicker of all is that even though there are Envy/Ed shippers, Envy is not actually a female love interest for Edward Elric, so Envy hasn’t committed the “cardinal sin” that Winry does. Who knew!

Really, slamming Winry for her outfit and acting like she isn’t important to the overall plot is misogynistic enough (especially since she’s the reason that Ed can walk in the first place), but doing that while ignoring Envy simply because Envy is coded as male is even worse. I’m not saying that Envy should be ripped apart for their clothing choices, but I am saying that if anyone “looks like a stripper” in this manga, that would be Envy, not Winry.

Stop layering on double standards on female characters 2k15.


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