SO what do you do when your long wig becomes ridiculously tangled and shitty? YOU FIX IT.

After the the last con I went to my Yuno wig got pretty messed up and needed some serious TLC. So I gave it exactly that.
Let me help you with your messed up wig too. 

So I actually didn’t take any pictures of what I did before I started detangling, so here’s the run down of how I prepped it:
I washed that bitch in lukewarm water with some special extension/wig shampoo and ran my fingers, then a wide toothed comb through it until it was somewhat alright. I then spritzed some leave in conditioner in it, rubbed it in, and hung it up to dry for a bit.


The stuff I used to help me tame this beast was:
-Satin Strands extension/wig shampoo
-Got2B dry oil hair taming mist
-Got2B glued freeze spray
-A sobe for drink breaks
-OGX Argan oil spray
-Various sized brushes (large paddle brush, small wig brush, and a soft bristle brush)
-and of course my hair straightener (I kept mine at a low-medium temperature but different straighteners can vary; on mine I set it at 4)

so the process I used went like this:

1. Separate it into parts as best you can; working with smaller chunks of hair is a hell of a lot easier.

2. pull apart the tangles and run your fingers through the part of hair you grabbed first.

3. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH!!! (I started off with my large paddle brush, and moved to my little wig brush and just alternated like that until I got all the snarls and tangles out)

4. Now at this post no mater how much you brush it, your wig will still be frizzy and not super nice looking… SO what do we do? we straighten it. 

5. once it’s nice and straight and you’ve taken out as much frizz as humanely possible, spray that bitch with some dry oil/argan oil/some kind of oil to tame the frizz and flyaways and keep it silky smooth.

6. Give it one last brush through to work in that oil and it should look a hell of a lot better now~

My wig looks a tad messy still at the end only because of its uneven cuts and due to the fact that I didn’t spend a lot of time combing it out a whole lot; I plan to restyle it and cut it a bit more (for yuno it’ll be in low pigtails so I’m not worried about it being super straight) but rest assured it is as silky smooth and tangle free as the day I bought it~

Feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt as I’m in no way a professional, just a fellow cosplayer trying to help out/make someone’s life a little easier if I can! I’m sure there are many more tutorials/guides on how to detangle and fix wigs out there, this is just my experience with the shitty process that it is. 



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