This episode was so important on so many levels, I can barely begin to explain it- But let me start by pointing out this scene.

Marty suggested that having multiple flings with women is OK. That instead of giving love and affection towards one person you find yourself compatible with, you should just basically date, have a one night stand with, etc. with multiple people. Greg didn’t sit by and agree with this. He corrected him and said that women are not objects to be played with and then thrown away when you’re bored with them. Women are people, just like any other human being in this world that we live upon.

So don’t you dare sit there and tell me the only reason Rose fell in love with Greg was because he was good looking when he was younger. This man stated something in a few seconds that most people can’t get through their heads and comprehend in a lifetime. Greg is a wonderful, caring man, a dad who’s trying to do his best for his child without the help from his deceased wife, and knows that when someone says something that he thinks is wrong or he doesn’t agree with, he speaks up.

I’m really glad that children will get to see this- children who will hold onto this message and learn that it’s not alright to treat people like play things.


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