Ladies, gentlemen, and nobility of other genders, may I present to you the literal perfect casting choice for Li Shang in Mulan: Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso.

Some fun facts about Yoshi:

  • Was born in Indonesia, but is ethnically Chinese
  • 26 years old (b. April 12, 1989)
  • Worked as a stunt double on the Maze Runner
  • Also worked as a model for several years
  • Has martial arts training
  • Currently starring as Koda on Power Rangers Dino Charge
  • Is a massive nerd and fan of Disney (Big Hero 6 especially), Free!, Spider-Man, and Power Rangers
  • Said in response to fancastings: “I’ll make a man, out of you! Waking up to all your fancastings and kind words really made my day. Of course it would be amazing to portray such a strong Male Asian lead, but I would be humbled to at least score an audition for Li Shang. So thank you for spreading the word and giving me such amazing exposure, maybe Disney will take notice, I love you all! And remember you must be swift as the coursing river!”

If none of that convinces you, then maybe this picture will:


In summary, Yoshi Sudarso for Li Shang 2k15. 

Can you cast him as my boyfriend

Sign me up for the next war

[Mulan voice] would u like to stay for dinner



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