“The bubbly 21-year-old singer has been hiding a dark secret: she once struggled with an eating disorder. “I was never anorexic” she confides…“but there were days that I would try it.” With dangerous and alarming results; “one day I didn’t eat at all…I was passing out.” These days, Meghan is following a much healthier path. “She tried the starvation route and that didn’t work”, a pal reveals.“

Seriously? Meghan Trainor did not “struggle with an eating disorder”, she was not mentally ill – she simply wanted to lose weight, and chose to engage in crash diets in an attempt to do so, one of which involved spending an afternoon eating celery and ice cubes. Choosing not to eat for one day is NOT an eating disorder; spending a few hours snacking on celery and ice cubes in an attempt to ward if your hunger is NOT anorexia. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses; a fa t that Meghan would be well aware of if she’d ever actually had one.

Quite honestly, it absolutely sickens me that Meghan Trainor is taking advantage of her fame to fuel the damaging misconceptions that already exist amongst society about eating disorders. If she had ever suffered from the illness, then she would know that eating disorders are not choices, that anorexia is not some silly diet you choose to engage in for a few hours before getting hungry and eating a sandwich. Anorexia is a deadly disease; a parasite which sucks the life out of sufferers; an illness which destroys and torments and totally ruins lives; those sufferers who it does not kill are often left wishing that it would. There is absolutely no “strength” involved in developing an eating disorder – as with any other illness, it cannot be chosen or learnt through “trying”. An eating disorder sufferer’s strength becomes evident when they begin to fight back against the illness that is determined to kill them; the strength of sufferers is displayed when they begin to claw their way back out of the depths of their illness, back towards life. If Trainor had genuinely battled an eating disorder, she would be well aware of the stigma surrounding the illness, and the damage that misconceptions about it can cause. It’s as though Meghan isn’t content with the fame she has achieved with her music, and feels she needs to play the “poor me, I once tried anorexia!” card in order to ensure her magazine interviews and publicity continues, without any consideration to those suffering from the illness she is making a mockery of. Quite honestly, her continued efforts to promote eating disorders as a choice and a weight loss method utterly disgusts and sickens me; she should feel fucking ashamed of herself. Unfortunately for those of us who are genuinely suffering from anorexia, asking our mother to make us a sandwich isn’t the ultimate cure for anorexia that Trainor makes it out to be.

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