so I checked the servamp dub cast and

belkia has the same va as THAT FUCKING GHOST



just why belkia



me seeing all these new people coming into the Servamp fandom like:

these poor souls have no idea the world of pain they’re in for.



I know I barely post on here, but I ALSO know a lot of Seduce Me fans are on here! So if you are one, just wanted to let you know that I voice in an anime called Servamp! Don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but make sure to check it out! I play Koyuki, the NOT asshole! For once… The series’ broadcast dub premiers July 20th! 


So to those that never read the manga but are watching the anime, you’ve missed this amazing part as well.

It’s Mahiru meeting Wrath (on the left), Envy (under the table) and Gluttony (on the right) and this is where he originally gets his weapon.

Now I’ll never get to see Gluttony jumping Kuro o.o