here is where I post info about random games I play sometimes, as well as theoretical stuff I would do if I owned certain other games.

FRIEND CODE: 2105-9918-2511 (3ds), 1178-0310-4980 (new 3ds)


Town Name: Magnolia

Dream Address: 5600-6056-3199

Mayor: Tsugumi

Other Residents: Anya, Kid, Stocking

Villagers: Bam, Ken, Muffy, Gwen, Erik, Ruby, Gigi, Anchovy, Apollo, Tabby

Former Residents: Renee, Clyde, Bubbles, Hazel, Harry, Wendy, Moe, Cally, Freckles, Rodeo, Biff (adopted by soul-dwelling), Elise (FINALLY), Stinky, Gabi, Annalise, Simon, Alphonso, Curt, Gala, Bertha,

Town Fruit: Cherry, Apple, Mango, Coconut, Orange, Persimmon, Durian, Pear, Banana

Tag: Tsugumi Crossing, Princess Crossing, Reaper Crossing, Angel Crossing

Sister Town: Minerva, though the mayor seems to have gone missing for a while…

Main Street: Museum+Second Floor, Nook Homes, Post Office, T&T Emporium, Abel Sisters, Kicks, Club LOL, Shampoodle, Dream Suite

PWPs: Cafe

note; all things done here are on my new 3ds.

MAGNOLIA ALLIANCE MEMBERS (aka my acnl buddies): soul-dwelling/dwells of Macca, Emmeryn/lovelyexalt of Ylisse.