I will admit, I am a fan of scary stories and creepypastas. but alas, with all the unscary and cliché crap the community (mostly deviantart fanbrats) spews [sonic.exe, clockwork; your time is up, [insert name here] the killer, etc] its difficult to find truly scary stories.

so here is a list of stories that really manage to be scary, or at least intriguing.

if you have any stories you think i’d like, let me know ^^

Old MacDonald Had A Farm – a short one, but still manages to creep me out. [TW for graphic violence, gore, some nudity]


The Portraits – this one reads just like a classic campfire story.

The Disappearance Of Ashley Kansas – one of my personal favorite stories [TW for implied child death]

The Abandoned By Disney Series – featuring Abandoned By Disney, A Few Suggestions [which is a bit more comedic at first], Room Zero, and finally Corruptus. an interesting series in my opinion.

Grad Night At The Haunted Mansion

Kisaragi Station – a very popular Japanese creepypasta.

A Campfire Story – this is one of my personal favorites for how good it is. Especially the twist at the ending that really pulls the story together.

The Suicide King – I like this one because of the small history lesson it contains, which I find quite intriguing. [TW for suicide, obviously]

Annabelle – remember that creepy ass doll from the conjuring? who later got her own movie? what if I told you Annabelle was real? this is the tale that started the legend.

The Rabbits

Harold – a story from ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’. the video might be a bit derpy, but still eerie.

The To-Do List – another short and sweet one

The Puppetmasters Regime – there is a sequel, but it deals with VERY triggering content [such as pedophilia] also TW for gore mentions.

Xorax – the story itself is ok, but it is the twist that makes it worth reading. this one you must read all the way through to fully appreciate it.

The Harbringer Experiment

Mudhouse Mansion

Swanson Field

The McCann Party – [TW gore, implied cannibalism?]

Sim Albert – a story that isn’t so much as scary, as it is touching.

A Tape From Treasure Island – another one I really like. that snow white picture though….*shudders*

Disney Catacombs – another one I like.

A Terribly Creepy Story My Grandpa Used To Tell When He Was In WWII

Does Anyone Know A Good Plumber? – for if you need a quick laugh.

Experiences Working At Disneyland

I Was An Undercover Security Officer At Walt Disney World

Im A Police Officer In A Small Town In Texas – a long one that has a really good plot. kind of felt like watching a tv series on AMC?

Mayhem Mountain

Not All Creatures At Disney World Are Animatronic

Room 733 – a really good one that reads just like a movie. [TW suicide]

Working At Disney

The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Seen

NoEnd House

Queens Guard Series

I Found Something In The Camp Lake – [TW child death, child abuse]

Search And Rescue Officer Series

Confessions Of A Deep Sea Diver

Lake Town Police Officer

I Found A Notebook In My Barracks Room

Im A 911 Operator

The Showers

Two Stories From Sophomore Creative Writing

Both My Parents Were Surgeons And I Used To Talk To Furniture

Worlds Best School Psychologist

The Smiling Man

Llama Arts Videos – this person makes animations to some scary stories, including the above smiling man. they’ve really improved in their newer videos ^^

Sadie – not to be confused with ‘suicide sadie’.

The Argentinian Incident

I Hate It When My Brother Charlie Goes Away – [TW violence]

The Window

Yellow Brick Road